Mummas & More: Our Only Failure is Never to Try

IMG_3671I am Emily, Mumma to Arthur who was born in August 2015. I suppose you could call me the instigator of Mummas&More. Having come from a creative background, with a Fine Art Degree as well as Silversmithing training, I always crave something creative to do and I found that I needed this even more so after the birth of my baby boy.

I have always been very passionate about arts and creativity. I found that creativity and creative people are something I have to have in my life, both for escapism and enjoyment, but I also find that if I don’t I feel a little bit lost. I’ve made creativity my career too, working in a role which  strives to ensure all young people gain access to arts and culture. In the past I have worked in a number of arts and cultural institutions such as Kettles Yard, Fitzwilliam Museum, ADeC, BurySt Edmunds Art Gallery, my roles have included working as an Education Officer at the Sainsbury for Visual Art at University of East Anglia and currently as a programme manager for Festival Bridge at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival. I have developed an internationally renowned education and events programme and have delivered over 150 events every year for adults, young people, families and early years audiences, as well as delivering international research conferences, workshops with internationally acclaimed artists and practitioners, workshops for young people, interactive activities for children, early years artists workshops, seminars, talks and many more events. I am also a bespoke invitation designer, printmaker, silversmith, arts educator and one of three east representatives for an organisation called engage (The National Association for Gallery Education).

IMG_3675So, crazy as it may sound, after I came out of the baby/childbirth fog (although its debatable that I have never left it!) I started to crave something creative and something for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have never NOT wanted to spend time with Arthur, quite the opposite in fact, which is why what ever I was conjuring up, it had to be something that Arthur could attend too. I found that the bond between Mumma and child is so precious especially in those early days, so wanted to come up with something that nurtured both my creativity and the bond between Arthur and I.

IMG_3670It turns out that I was not the only Mumma who thought this. As I went round some of the brilliant baby groups in Ely I began to chat to mothers and get to know them better and slowly little bits of them as women, started to seep through conversations of nappies, sleeping and feeding. It suddenly dawned on me that I was surrounded my women who had some amazing skills, expertise and passions that I wasn’t even aware of, but that I really wanted to get to know more about.  Together with Amy and Katie; two other Mumma’s craving creativity, we came up with the idea for a creative events programme for mothers, where the bond between mother and baby was nurtured, whilst giving time for and focus on something for mothers to enjoy… Mummas & More was born!

A bit about Mummas & More

Mummas & More is (or will be!) a programme of creative, inspiring, intellectually  stimulating and exciting events, talks and workshops, designed with Mummas in mind. It will value the relationship between parents, carers, and their children, particularly that first stage when our little ones are so tiny.

Who is it for?

Mummas of course! Particularly Mummas who are perhaps still on maternity leave or have returned back to work part time and have small children.

Babies and small children will always be welcome at events. However we may also programme some events that are just for Mummas and well let you know which ones they are.

How will it all work?

There will be a programme of a variety of events throughout the year of all shapes and sizes. Some types of events might be more regular meet ups and some might be a one off spot light events.

Mummas and More will programme and lead the events, but we will also invite practitioners and workshops leaders too.

These events will be bookable via our website (we’re working on that right now!).

How do we find out more?

The website will hold the whole programme and all information about each event. We also will have Facebook and Instagram pages and eventually Twitter too!

Our Facebook Page will have more instant information about up and coming events.

Our Facebook Group will have more specific information about perhaps certain conversations we have had at events and this group will be less public.

Our Instagram page will hopefully have some inspirational content for Mummas to follow along with our blog on our website too.

We really hope that this is something you all will enjoy coming to, whether is just one event or something more regular. We really look forward to seeing you all there.



One thought on “Mummas & More: Our Only Failure is Never to Try

  1. I love this Emily! I’m so so happy for you that you’re treading this path! I wish you all the success, and can’t wait to attend some of your events! All my love! Xxx


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