Tea, Talks & More #3

img_4491“Helped me to find me again”

It was due to my need to feel more like me;‘before baby’ that I was inspired to start Mummas&More.

After leaving a fast moving job, dumping a head full of information to my colleagues on my last day of work,  and stepping out of a fast moving arts sector, I felt lost. I was to become a mother for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t feel confident and I couldn’t research my way out of this one. I had to ride the wave, learn as I went and crack on! I can say now that I’m still learning and had no other choice but to crack on!

So I had a little boy, who was just 4 months when i started Mummas and More and in those early months, its sad to say, but my phone was my window to the world. I would sit pinned to the sofa whilst he slept on me unable to turn off ‘Loose Women’ on the TV because the remote was too far away, trapped in a feeding chair, or sat in the car waiting for him to wake up from his much needed nap, and my phone would allow me to read about what was going on in the world.

Soon I discovered blogs! There were blogs written by funny, honest, insightful and challenging mummas, and I found myself reading all sorts of articles that really resonated with my life. It was so nice to know that I wasn’t alone in my thoughts and experiences and to know that there were people out there joking and reflecting about it too. Don’t get me wrong, I used to not understand the blogging world, and felt it was very clicky and perhaps just for the ‘trendy’ mums, but its really wasn’t (even if I did have aspirations to be a trendy mum!).

So our recent event, Tea Talks and More #3 ; the third of its series, was about amazing blogging mothers.


We had the gorgeous JustSayingMum telling us about  how to find the humour in raising teenagers! This is a time that really scares me but it was really refreshing to hear her approach to discussing the teenage years through her blogs, particularly with having a professional model and actress as one of her children. Her latest series of blogs looks at how we imagine our children to be as teenagers and features guest writers such as Kate Orson , MotherPukka, & The Unmumsy Mum, with many more to come.

We also had the wonderfully charming Marmalade Pie with her beautiful online shop and lifestyle blog. A blogger who shares all things that inspire her, including making activities with her children and pretty items to brighten up your home. She firmly believes in what William Morris once said, ‘everything in your home must be beautiful or useful’. I quite agree!


‘everything in your home must be beautiful or useful’.




Finally we had the honest and inspiring blogger #100daysnotv. Emma and her husband realised that life had been taken over by TV and that it could be enjoyed more if they took it out of the equation. Whilst although TV didn’t entirely disappear, the challenge of 100 days without and the the blog allowed their whole family to stop and focus on what was important and the potential experiences they could have. It made them ensure activities they did were of benefit to the whole family, and it did! It not only has this had a large benefit but the blog itself has opened up lots of opportunities to Emma including cocktail tasting, invitations to new restaurant tastings and shop openings in the Cambridge area. Emma says that her blog has “helped her to find herself again”.

Mummas&More has brightened up my life, allowed me to follow my inspirations and interests  and helped me to find me again, and I hope that the Mummas&More blog and events programme can help us be mummas & more that we all know we are.

All of us together!

2 thoughts on “Tea, Talks & More #3

  1. OhI’m so pleased you enjoyed the talks and that you’ve been inspired to blog! You’ll love it I am sure. Was an absolute pleasure too come and chat so let me know if you ever want me to pop along to any other events you arrange x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It would be lovely to have you there! We have got a Christmas Party and also some Wreath Making workshops, if you fancy coming to one of those? Hoping to have more talks int he new year so Id love to have you speak again!


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