IMakeKnots & More

*Imakeknots&more* Much of my career in the past has been about programming workshops, talks and events for galleries and museums. These events aspire to explore exhibitions, collections  in different ways; giving people new skills and inspiring ideas. These events can; provoke questions, teach new skills, share skills, widen aspirations, begin conversations and allow young people and adults to further understand themselves and others. Most of all, they can make them feel happier, more respected and valued people.

I wanted to create a programme like this for Mummas & More and help mums stay strong, be inspired, gain skills and have fun! I wanted to create a programme that kept mums mind active whilst giving the opportunity to develop skills and make new friends.

The first creative workshop, a few weeks ago now, was led by the wonderful IMakeKnots. These ladies make the most beautiful knotted, knitted and crocheted necklaces, snoods, scarves and accessory wonders!



The delightful thing about sitting around a table making, is the conversations that all makers have. There is a neutral ground that everyone enters into, that allows inhibited conversations to happen and pressures and nerves of meeting new people to be defused. So a group of mummas, met, knitted, knotted and made some beautiful knitted necklaces. There was lots of chatting and people learned new skills. It was to my delight that my lovely friend Michelle not only enjoyed the workshop  but she was now also bitten with the crochet and knitting bug, so much so, that she has has now set up her own little business called @a_bit_knotty . Its brilliant news and I’m so pleased! I’m addicted to the thrill of being inspired and so it so great when I see others experiencing that too.

It’s these stories that reassure me that that I’m heading in the right direction, so hopefully we have lots more of these event in the future! So if you have an idea just go for it, you’ll never know until you try !


Keep a look out for more creative workshops in the future. I always need Mumma’s inputs and would love to connect more with creative practitioners so please feel free to get in contact.



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