One chef, 6 Mummas, 3 bottles of Champagne!

I’d like to say that this indulgence was because we had been to so many restaurants in our local area that we had exhausted all options, (as if I got out that much!), no, this was purely for giggles, and it really was so much fun! After seeing lots of different reviews of professional chefs visiting people’s homes, I teamed up with some blogger friends( do you like how I’m putting myself in that category? What a fraud am I?!) and we hired the wonderful, WildinthePantry chef ….best decision ever!!! Not only did he cook amazing food, he did the washing up and we got to have a go too!! All we had to do was eat and drink bubbly!

Find out more about him here:

We drank, we ate, and we had lots of fun planning our next adventure! Any suggestions?

I would highly recommend it, it didn’t cost more than a meal out and it was so much more chilled!

I’m going to let the pictures speak to themselves-enjoy!!



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