Do what makes you feel good…

 So we have all seen those beautiful Mummas who manage to get the little ones ready aswell applying a immaculate layer of make up. Well done to those of you who manage it, but for me I’m having a good day if my hair is washed and iv brushed my teeth! 

Make-up seems such a luxury these days, not only in putting it on but also buying it! From spending pennies as a teenager on cheap lipstick, to investing in some really lovely bits for my wedding, through to not even thinking about it when I had my little one. I now have an amalgamation of all sorts but can not bare to part with any of it! It symbolises a time in my life where I had time, where I had head space to contemplate what might look best rather than what stops me looking worse! Although that balance is shifting back slowly.

Please don’t get me wrong, I do not believe us Mummas have to wear make-up in order to feel good, we should do whatever makes us happy, but for me it’s one of those things that helps me feel better. We all have a variety of things we do to give us confidence, for others it’s shoes, food, hanging out with friends, singing, playing instruments, or simply going for a walk or all the above, we all need a boost of energy and confidence!

For me make-up was a sign that I was in control and I think for many people it is the same. I even remember trying to put my make up on moments after giving birth! I look back and laugh, but that was my routine and I went into automatic pilot, dazed by the whole thing.

Now, getting out of the house is a monumental task, so there is no way I’m slowing that down! So makeup has really fallen down in my list of priorities. Now if I put make up on it takes me ages! My skin is awful due to lack of sleep, my bags under my eyes need industrial strength concealer and make up is generally applied whilst wrestling most of my really expensive eye shadows and brushes from a toddlers vice like grip as he’s insisting he wants to do it himself! (He has left the house several times with glittery eye shadow and blush on!).

For me I’m now at a stage where I need to know what the minimum is that I can put on in the shortest amount of time, without looking like I did in school when I had no idea how to apply make up! Oh and with my tiny pocket of money, I need to know I’m buying the right things.

So for a bit of fun and indulgence we are launching our Spring programme with a demo and talk from Make Up Artist Caro Watson at our next Tea,Talks and More event. It’s on Monday 22 May 2-4pm at the Old Dispensary in Ely. If you’re not up for the make-up part just come for the cake! 

Oh and because people loved the recipe last time, here is another one-( very handy for picnics as some if you already know!): 

Cinnamon and Sugar Popcorn

10 cups of popcorn popped

2 tbsp Light brown sugar

1 tsp ground cinnamon 

2tbsp melted butter


Pop the popcorn

Melt the butter, pour into popcorn and mix

Mix the cinnamon and sugar

Coat the popcorn and shake! 


I’m looking forward to it and I hope you join in too!


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